Hearing Solutions

At Heart for Hearing, we understand that not everyone is ready for hearing aids as soon as they find out that they have a hearing loss.

We promise to therefore:

  • Get to know you- what is important to you, what you love doing and/or what you may have stopped doing due to your hearing loss to name a few things.
  • We will then check your hearing, explain the results and what they mean for you in your everyday life.
  • Lastly, we will discuss some individualised hearing solutions, according to what you told us is important to you and empower you with the knowledge to make an informed decision without the pressure.

What might the hearing solutions consist of?

Hearing Aids

We will look at a number of factors in choosing the right hearing aid for you. We will talk about what cosmetics such as colour and style of hearing aid would you like. We can match the hearing aid to your skin or hair so that it blends in. When choosing a hearing aid style the options are discreet, make a stylish statement or easy to manage.
What level of technology is right for you? Once we know your hearing goals and what you want to achieve, we can then discuss which level of technology would be best for you and why it would be best for you so that you can make an informed decision without any pressure.
How can we maximise the benefit and ease-of-use of the hearing aid?

Once you have chosen the style and level of technology in the hearing aid, we will discuss accessories such as:

  • A charger so you don’t need to change the battery weekly
  • Remote microphones to allow you to hear over distance
  • TV transmitters to stream the TV to you hearing aids

We will also provide counselling and communication strategies to help you communicate better in goal situations.

Assistive Listening Devices

Not ready to wear a hearing aid yet, that’s OK, there are other solutions that we can tailor for you according to where you are noticing problems. These assistive listening devices could be devices such as:

  • Wireless headphones for the TV which allow you to walk up to 50-100m away and still enjoy your favourite shows at a volume that you like while others turn the actual volume on the TV down.
  • Amplified phones so you never miss a call. We have a range of phones made specifically for people with a hearing loss. We have phones that are cordless, have answering machines, have emergency alerting buttons, amplified volumes for tones and the speaker, speaker phones etc. to meet your needs and have you enjoying phone conversations.
  • Doorbells for the hard of hearing so you never miss your loved ones, packages or visitors at your door.

Counselling and Strategies

Our counselling program will help you and your loved ones to learn the essentials of good communication and how you can improve your listening ability through strategies and tactics. This program will allow you to communicate more effectively with or without assistive listening devices and hearing aids so that you can enjoy life to the fullest.