Our Services

How can Heart for Hearing help you?

Mobile Appointments and Remote Care

Hearing care when you need it, where you feel most comfortable and without the long waiting lists!

Our mobile equipment allows us the flexibility to provide the highest standard of service in your home, office or in our clinic. You can choose where you feel most comfortable for us to see you.

Hearing Checks

Heart for Hearing employs fully qualified, certified audiologists to thoroughly check your hearing, identify if you have a hearing loss, what stage your hearing is at and where the problem lies along the hearing pathway. We work with you so you know what we are doing, why we are doing it and what the results mean for you.

Honest Hearing Advice and Personalised Hearing Solutions

As an independent clinic, we aren’t owned by a hearing aid manufacturer and can therefore provide unbiased solutions. We understand that everyone is on a different journey with their acceptance of their hearing loss and so employ a holistic approach to your rehabilitation. We work with you to find what will best help and our solution can range from hearing aids to assistive listening devices such as amplified phones and wireless headphones for the TV to counselling and communication strategies to name a few.

Read more about our hearing solutions here.

Fun Hearing Tests for Children Over 4

At Heart for Hearing we provide fun, non-intrusive hearing tests for children over the age of 4. If your child is found to have a permanent hearing loss, we will not charge for that appointment but rather will support you in being referred to the government organisation for fully subsidised rehabilitation for your child.

Fully Subsidised Services and Hearing Devices for Eligible Pensioners and Veterans

Heart for Hearing is accredited to provide fully subsidised services and devices to pensioners and veterans through the Australian Government Hearing Services Program. For more information, please see our discounts and rebates page.

Tinnitus Assessment and Management

Tinnitus is the perception of noises in your ears or head without the presence of any external physical noise. It can be perceived as ringing, buzzing or music to name a few. We offer tinnitus assessments, management and ongoing support such as educational counselling, tinnitus brain retraining and noise generators to help the brain reduce the perception of the tinnitus.

Ongoing Support

Heart for Hearing aims to partner with you for life! We will be there to support you through all of life’s changes and also offer training, support and counselling for you, your loved ones and also offer in service training for nursing home staff and carers. We will be your advocate, so you can remain connected to the ones you love.

Noise Protection and Custom Ear Plugs

Heart for Hearing believes in being proactive with your hearing care so we offer a rage of musician attenuating, noise cancelling and swimming ear plugs that are custom designed and fitted to your ears so you can focus on what you love with peace of mind that your ears are safe.